Doug Hess Lessons from Wall Street


Real Estate and Money Show PodcastDoug Hess author of “Gordon Gekko, CEO: Lessons from Wall Street for a Winning Attitude”

Show Topics

Doug Hess Lessons from Wall Street

  • How with the right attitude to prepare to face the various challenges and actions to yield success
  • Advice regarding steps one should take when faced with certain obstacles and opportunities
  • How your success benefits others
  • How to think a little differently about ‘business’
  • Remind listeners that while sacrifices are required at times, be sure you don’t give up long-term life rewards for short-term financial wins

Doug Hess Bio

Doug Hess Lessons from Wall StreetDoug Hess attained his bachelor’s degree in Political Science and master’s degrees in Human Resource Development from Indiana State University. Doug works full-time for a non-profit headquartered in Madison, WI. He’s worked in the Financial Services industry since 1995 and has worked in marketing/sales for that industry since 2004.

Doug is also an adjunct faculty member where he teaches in the School of Business for several local colleges and universities.

Among Doug’s other achievements, he co-authored the book, “Gordon Gekko, CEO: Lessons from Wall Street for a Winning Attitude”, which was published in 2012 and has given talks across the country relating to the concepts discussed in his book.

As an Executive Producer, Doug helped produce the short film, “Who’s That Guy?”, released on September 1, 2012. This film was a unique and entertaining look into a film critic’s journey to locate a goatee clad, bald man.

Doug is married to Misty and they have two young children (Zack and Drew). He serves on several boards within the community and enjoys reading in his spare time, while running the local youth soccer league with his wife.