How to Stage Your Home to Sell In The Winter Time

Selling your home during the winter season is possible.

When people think of winter, they mainly think of the holidays with bright lights, hot cocoa, and making snow angels. The last thing on their minds is selling their homes during this time. However, winter is one of the best times to sell and purchase a home due to the competition being low and potential buyers can see how the house is holding up during the cold months. It may sound like a difficult task due to all the snow, dirt, and salt from the roads, but you can stage your home to make it look like the perfect house for the right buyer. Are you curious and want to know the tips and tricks? Take a look at the ways you can stage your home.

  • Know the basics – Staging your house during the winter does require some extra work and creative thinking. However, since we tend to think outside the box to accomplish this, it is very easy to forget about the basics of staging a home – cleanliness! Make sure your house is sparkling clean from top to bottom and to take care of any visible problems like holes in walls or broken cabinets. Another basic staging tip that’s could be forgotten is clutter and organization. You want to stage the home for potential buyers to picture themselves in. That means it’s time to organize the loose toys in the room and even hiding that unnecessary couch in the family room if it looks too cluttered. You do not want your home to look like an episode of Hoarders!
  • Embrace the Season – Winter is one of the least appreciated seasons due to shorter daylight and the colder weather. There are some positive feelings everyone enjoys from the season like the smell of the pine tree and the cozy feeling of warmth around the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa. With this in mind, try adding special plants like evergreens and eucalyptus as centerpieces on the mantels to bring a positive smell and look. Give your home a warm, comfy attire by using candles as decors and enhance the common areas with chunky knit blankets and accent pillows that make the room feel warm and comfy from the moment someone steps inside.
  • Lighting – Proper lighting is important, but some might find the lighting be a bit trickery during the winter because of the shorter days. Take advantage when the sun is out by enhancing your home with natural light. Try leaving your curtains and drapes open to welcome the warm sunlight. If you feel the room is still dark, try adding some extra light to the area. Adding a couple of lamps around the place will help brighten the room while an accent lamp could add to the overall feeling of the house.

Ask any homeowner you know. They will tell you one of the biggest challenges in term of selling their homes is the staging. While the winter season is known to be dark and gloomy and one of the slowest times to sell a house, see that as an advantage to step ahead of the competition. If you can stage the house to be a dream house during the winter, the other seasons will flow in naturally and have a positive outlook.

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