Suzanne Wardrop Divorce Planning


Real Estate and Money Show Jed Smith PodcastThursday May 1st, 2014 Antoinette Gangi and Marc Demetriou welcome Suzanne Wardrop, Divorce Consultant Extraordinaire to discuss; Stress, Anxiety & Money, and Getting a Plan and Building a Strategy. Tune in at 10 am on WVNJ 1160 on your am dial.


Show Topic:

Sell or Keep the House? – That is the Question

  • Understanding the cost of ownership
  • Taxes and the sale of the house
  • Timing of the sale of the house – there is more than one way to time the sale.

Suzanne Wardrop Divorce Planning

Suzanne WardropYou have all met people who are enraged by their divorce; they cannot stop talking about it or are crying all the time?  Suzanne Wardrop helps those people regain control of their divorces and in doing so their lives.

Suzanne Wardrop is the senior partner at Divorce Coach NJ a divorce consulting firm, dedicated to helping people build a strategy and develop alternatives for the issues they are facing in their divorce.

Armed with a plan and direction, clients are empowered to negotiate for, and get, what they want.

Suzanne went thought a horrible 6 year divorce that was devastating for her children, caused her to lose her health and resulted in financial ruin.
As a result of this experience Suzanne is passionate about helping others avoid the problems she faced.


Suzanne has her Masters in Business Administration and over 25 years of investment banking experience.  She has exceptional strategic, financial and organizational skills and an in-depth understanding of the tax ramifications of divorce. Suzanne is also a certified Mediator and a member of the NJ Association of Professional Mediators.


Suzanne was born July 26th, 1958 in Montreal and moved to Basking Ridge NJ, in 1999 to work in the investment bank of Citigroup.  She has five children rides horses and is an avid chef.


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Facebook – Suzanne Wardrop & Divorce Coach NJ

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Talking Points

  • The Strategic Divorce – How to get what you need and want
  • Taking the emotion out of your divorce – Viewing divorce as a negotiation.
  • Parenting issues in Divorce – Building a parenting Plan that Works
  • Tax and money issues
  • Developing a plan for your divorce.