Tips for Staging a Home for Sale


Tips for Staging a Home for Sale

Real Estate and Money Show Podcastwith guest Diane Discepolo the owner of Curtain Call Home Decor.
Thursday December 5th, 2013, 10am on WVNJ Antoinette and Marc welcome Diane Discepolo to the Real Estate and Money Show to share most valuable tips for staging your home to maximize value for selling your home. Diane will be sharing tips like:

#1 Clean and remove clutter
#2 De Clutter again
a clean de clutter home sends the message that a home has been well maintained
Will give house a larger appearance
Remove excess

  • knick knacks
  • Family photos
  • furniture

Position furniture into cozy conversation groups or against wall to create illusion of space
Avoid blocking traffic flow

Turned on Lamps give warmth and glow to a home

Neutral is appealing
will give a room a fresh look and toe down dated furniture

  • Powder rooms
  • Dining room
  • Bathroom
  • Around built ins

DISPLAY ART creatively (can show off a space)

  • Accessorize in Groups of 3
  • Vary height width and texture

FRESH FLOWERS….borrow from the yard!

Neutral Duvet are inexpensive and give a rich clean look instantly


  • Replace hardware and Paint for a quick update
  • New Counter can freshen tired cabinets

Roll up towels new shower curtain baskets and candles give a
inexpensive SPA LIKE feeling to bathroom



  • simple poles and finial
  • Hang Hight to give height to rooms
  • Clean Lines
  • PANELS in neutral colors frame a window without obstructing view
  • SHEERS eliminated glare/hide unappealing views while still letting light in
  • Stay clear of pattern but add texture for interest in neutral colors
  • Buyer look for homes that let in natural light
  • Do not skimp of under layer that what you leave cant take them
  • Leaving window treatment is a bigger seller
  • Window treatment


Diane Discepolo the owner of Curtain Call Home Decor has been sewing and designing custom window treatments for 22 years.

Wanting to stay home to raise her then very young family she started the business to do just that…..The business has grown considerably over the years . Her philosophy is “Bigger is not necessarily better. What she enjoys most is the personal touch and attention she loves giving to each client.
It is her face, voice and hands that design and make most of the work.
From beginning to end, there for all your decorating needs, pride and attention is given to creating window treatments that reflect the personal taste of the client while respecting every budgetary need.
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