Top 5 Ways to Know if Your Neighborhood is Family-Friendly

How to find the best neighborhood for you and your family

Moving can be a very daunting task anyone has to do, especially when they have to relocate their entire family. However, when you move into an area you are unfamiliar with, you want to make sure you are in an area where your kids will be with the other families while the likeliness of random stabbings, shootings, and crime are low. So how do you know if you are moving to a family-friendly neighborhood?

  1. Public education and the quality – Take a look at the ratings and reviews for the public schools in the neighborhood. The reviews alone will weigh heavily on the type of education your child will receive. Not only should you look at the schools in the area, take a look at other educational resources like daycares. For example, check if then enrollment is at minimum or maximum capacity. It will show you how many families with younger children are entering or leaving the neighborhood. You wouldn’t go to a new restaurant or hire a new contractor without reading their reviews, would you?
  2. Public spaces for kid interaction – Local public places like parks, pools, and playgrounds help kids to be themselves and interact with each other while they expand their social horizons. Also, see if the local places hold special events for kids like a camp or playground time.
  3. Year-round activities for kids – Good neighborhoods will have special activities for the kids in town all the time. For example, the local library might have a reading program to help kids enjoy classics like “To Kill a Mockingbird” or “Harry Potter” and have a get together to discuss the books. Or perhaps, your child has a killer pitching hand and wants to play with other kids who enjoy sports. Take a look at neighborhoods that have local sports and activities that are offered to the kids in the community.
  4. Check out the neighborhood to see how many kids live there– Feel free to ask the community, local police, and your realtor on how many kids live in the region, especially kids who are the same age as yours. More kids in your neighborhood mean social experience for the kids and the community. You might not live next door to Mr. Rodgers or Grover in Sesame Place, but you might have found the 2nd best place!
  5. Check out the neighborhood’s advertisements and activities – Are they advertising the local little league games often, or does the local theater promote their selection of children shows like “Aladdin” or “Frozen” instead of “The Human Centipede” or “50 Shades of Grey”? If you see advertisements like that all over the neighborhood, chances are the area is family friendly and want to help families unite together.

Where are you looking to purchase your new home? When it comes to our families, nothing in the world is more important than the well-being of your kids and family! When our adult lives require us to move into a new neighborhood, it’ll be more difficult for our kids to find a place they like then one for ourselves. As a parent, we tend to care more about the quality of education and resources our kids will get vs. anything else. So if you are new to the neighborhood, and want to make sure it’s friendly, take an in-depth look inside the neighborhood.

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